Information About Editions:

All images are printed in limited editions of 35 with three artist proofs.

The usual image is sized as noted in its description and hand-printed by the artist in a traditional wet darkroom. Unless otherwise noted, these are genuine, archivally processed silver-gelatin prints on 8-inch x 10-inch fiber-based paper, not digital reproductions. Additional editions may occasionally be created at sizes different than the original edition, but only in a limited run and such editions will be recorded as separate editions at the time of production. Prints are signed by the artist and marked with the print number, date of printing and date that the negative was exposed.

Matting, framing, delivery and/or installation is not included in the cost of the image.

Print Collections:

Certain groups of images may be available as a collection of prints.

Any collection will be comprised of prints taken from the total edition for each print. For example: if a print edition consists of 35 prints, and a print from that edition is added to a collection, that print will be deducted from the total number of prints that are available in the original individual edition.

Please send me a message if you have questions about editions.