Some Things About the Artist


Based in Newark, Delaware and centrally located between New York and Washington D.C., I have spent over 20 years as an editorial, corporate and advertising photographer with a concentration in people and portraiture.

Most recently, I have taken a step back from commercial and editorial photography, bought a pile of obsolete cameras that shoot film…. the really nice ones I could never afford when they were the industry standard and digital photography didn’t exist, but now cost pennies on the dollar… I’ve restocked my darkroom, and I have begun thinking about images as art objects rather than a means of media communication.

Always thinking of myself as an artistic photographer, I have tried to approach all of my work in that way. Quality of light is one of the most important elements in my imagery, followed closely by a narrative, however subtle, that is created by connecting with my subject on some level.

Currently I am working on a lot of figure studies and concepts within that genre. I have also coined a couple of terms for the technical direction to which I intend to take my work…. ”High-Quality Low-Fidelity” …and… “Finding The Virtues of Bad Lighting…” I hope the work will show you what I am talking about.

When I am not behind the camera, I like to spend time in the outdoors, camping, hiking, and practicing the art of wilderness self-reliance. Red wine is always a favorite…. and lots of black coffee….. and you will often find me scratching my head about what is wrong with the 30-year-old large format lens shutter that I just found at a thrift shop, and how I can make it work like new again.

I am available for select portraits and other unique commissions. If you are interested in hiring me, please send me an email with your ideas.

All images are under copyright, and may not be reproduced without my expressed, written permission.

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